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Baudry French Pastries, has brought taste and modernity to pastry making.

“Delectable Croissants”, “Visually Stunning Pastries”, “Best I ever had  Shortbread cookies”, “Great taste, authentic French pastry”, are some of our clients comments about our products.

We are pride to offer unique baking goods that will delight your senses.



Frederic Baudry began baking at the age of 16. His products are the perfect balance between incomparable taste and beautiful presentacion.

Frederic is constantly developing innovative taste, and beautiful baking goods, of which he alone has the secret. His amazing talent and unique ingredients turn into a score for a melodious recipe. He transcribes the agreements between the ingredients, modulates the tastes and sculpts the contours of these scrumptious pastries.

Our story

More about the chef

Frederic Baudry developed a passion for baking since he was a child, learning with an aunt who had a bakery in France.

He obtained the degree of Artisan Bread, Pastry and Chocolatier in Paris and worked with some of the best chefs in Europe. In 2001 came to America and worked as a pastry chef for some casinos in Cincinnati-OH.

His passion for confectionery, makes all his products not only exquisite, but also a unique culinary works of art and it always made his smile to hear people comment on his delicious creations. Customers who tested the pastries mentioned that only in Europe did they find a product of the same quality and presentation.

Fredric not only has an admirable talent baking pastry but he also has more than 30 years of experience in Europe and USA.

His talent not only involve pastries but a wide variety of baked goods like breads, Croissants, cookies and cakes.

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